Monday, November 16, 2009

Miley cyrus naked. Yes.

Miley cyrus naked. Some Pictures:

miley cyrus nakedmiley cyrus nakedmiley cyrus nakedmiley cyrus naked
Miley Cyrus .. hated because of Nick Jonas .. slutty pics? Why the hell is Miley Cyrus so hated? it has basically lost most of their fans, and I think I know why. There will always blame it deep in her pictures slutty but I bet not there, that .. Go take pictures on myspace, 80 percent of the girls, as the daylight now, I think, be miley soon sixteen years old, give her a break .. shes just a normal teenager girl as you, that .. on the beach all the time | Big deal! its okay to go for a man around topless with only speedometer basically naked, but everyone hates them because they stupid, I know, images of the real reason why everyone hates them, I bet most girls hate it because they think she loved it betrayed her ugly jew terrible rotten teeth Nick Jonas or she gives to him by the jealous? I bet, because most girls have pictures like they hate it on myspace page. so yeah, what do you say?
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